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Teen Education Crash Reduction Program

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  • Measured improvement in driving skills
  • Fewer collisions and injuries
  • Peace of mind for parents
  • 15% insurance discount
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Life Insurance

When healthy and well, people from all walks of life prefer not to think that one day they would pass away. However planning for after the death may be as important as planning other significant actions in life.

Have you ever wondered how your loved ones would manage when you are no longer with them? There are plenty of things they may be dependent on you for. While your love and personal assistance are invaluable and cannot be replaced, financial support and an opportunity to pay debts can be an important way to show you care even after your death. Obtaining Life Insurance, you ensure that in the event of your death your family is taken care of.

Life Insurance will be most helpful to your family when they have to pay off credit card debts, mortgages, car loans, estate taxes, checks funding your children's education, etc. If your family's savings are insufficient, Life Insurance can provide support for legal, medical and funeral costs. It can even create an estate for your heirs.

Life Insurance is a policy provided by an insurance company, according to which in exchange for your premium payments, the insurer is obliged to pay a certain sum (a lump sum or portions of smaller sums) to your beneficiary (persons you choose) in the event of your death.

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Community Commitment

2013 Business Person of Year Danville Area Chamber of Commerce

2015 Chairman of the Board of Directors
Danville Area Chamber of Commerce

We are proud to be associated with the Danville Area Chamber of Commerce. They love what they do and it shows.

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